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News Flash: 14th December 2014

The is undergoing rennovations!

The site has been up and running since 2002, however it is currently undergoing some urgent redevelopment as technology has moved on since is was first written, and the old code (like the editor) has sadly become obsolete.

Please be patient with us ... it's a steep learning curve!

What the Villager is all about

Local & Regional news

We feature local and regional news, promotion of local events and above all: sharing of memories. Submissions are always welome - get in touch

Photo Archive

We have an archive of over 2,700 photos dating from c1900.

Why not add your own to our growing archives?

Charity Support

We have a strong tradition of supporting and promoting local, regional and national charities. If your charity needs promotion get in touch.


We have extensive archives from our back issues, with over 5,600K+ articles dating back to our local newspapers which were first launched in 1992.

The Villager began life in Doncaster, starting out in the mining village of (New) Rossington.

It grew to take in other local communities, Armthorpe, Intake, Tickhill and Bawtry,
and now covers all of Doncaster and features wider interest stories from across Yorkshire, the UK, and the world.

Rossington Village Life

Launched in March 1992 to help raise funds for Rossington Main Football Club, the first incarnation of the Villager arrived.

The Rossington Villager

Relaunched as a private enterprise, The Rossington Villager began life in March 1994.

The Armthorpe Villager

Launched at the same time as the Rossington paper, the Armthorpe Villager retained the same handy A4 size.

The Intake Villager

Hot on the heels of its two sister papers, the Intake Villager was launched in January 1995.

The (RAI) Villager

Rossington & Armthorpe merged and were relaunched as a tabloid in March 1996, by January 1997, the Intake version had joined too.

The Tickhill & Bawtry Villager

After a trial run as the Tickhill Villager, the combined Tickhill & Bawtry Villager was launched in December 1996.


The final version of the paper, a 72 page tabloid delivered to 20,000 homes launched in March 1998, and ceased printing in February 2003.

The Villager wesbite was launched in March 2002, first to complement the newspaper, then later as the sole surviving version.

So ... What happens Next?

Emergency Care

First and foremost the site needs a life saving operation! The current code no longer works ... so the old site is down.

Revised Presence

A new set of pages will begin appearing which will contain static information - like this one.

Dynamic Content

We'll then start working on the dynamic stuff ... so we can revive the data driven news, archives and gallery sections.

... but

We've got a bit to learn, so get a coffee, and come back to us soon to see how we're getting on!

We'd still love to hear from you though ... so keep sending in your stories.