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August, 2012

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Title:Views Sought On Where to Build 18,000 Homes
ID & Publication:20120811020 ~ 
Subject:Community News 
 DMBC (4kb)

Doncaster folk are being urged to have a say on the future of the borough and one of the main questions is ‘Where do you want 18,450 homes to be built over the coming years?’

Doncaster Council has to carry out work on its Local Development Framework – or local plan - which will eventually set out the future of the town over the next 16 years. The first part of the plan, called the Core Strategy, says generally what will happen over the coming years. While the second part of the plan, called Sites and Policies, sets down exact locations where developments will be built.

Whilst the Core Strategy came into force in May, the Sites and Policies part of the plan is still in draft form and it is on this the council wants your views. The Sites and Policies document will determine not only where new homes will be built in the borough but also offices and space for businesses, warehouses and light industry as well as being used to determine new planning applications.

The plan will run up to 2028 and has to highlight space to build up to 18,450 new homes; 290 hectares for distribution warehouses; 190 hectares for light industry and manufacturing and space for 140,000 square metres of new office space. Suggested development sites are spread across the borough and include Thorne, Rossington, Armthorpe, Conisbrough and Adwick.

Peter Dale, Doncaster Council’s Director of Regeneration and Environment, said: ‘The next step of our plan is to decide exact sites where new homes and businesses will be built. We need your views on what we build and where. We need the views of residents, businesses and other people keen on the future of the borough to help us with this.’

To take part in the consultation or to find out more information visit On this page you can find the link to the draft plan, an interactive map and a set of options maps to let you pick what sites you think the council should allocate for development. The consultation runs until Friday, September 21.

Peter added: ‘We will also be running events in the town centre and around the borough where we can see you in person to hear what your comments are.’

Details of the events will be advertised on the website or if you have any comments to make ring the planning policy team on 01302 734419.

If you would like to comment on this or any article e-mail ~
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Author: 'DMBC'   Area: 'Doncaster'
Title: 'Views Sought On Where to Build 18,000 Homes'   Category 'Community News'
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