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August, 2013

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Title:Doncaster – Land of the Pharaohs?
Author:Doncaster Museum 
ID & Publication:20130811034 ~ 
 DMBC (4kb)

A TV expert says evidence of ancient Egyptian culture and religion can be seen in artefacts within Doncaster Council’s Roman collection.

Joann Fletcher, who has done a number of prime time TV archaeological and historical documentaries about Ancient Egypt, visited Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery on Friday 16 August 2013 as part of her research.

The Romans conquered Egypt and several emperors adopted Egyptian customs. Joann’s work is showing that many Egyptians, as subjects of the Roman Empire, travelled to and settled in Yorkshire.

The Egyptian influence can be seen in exhibits such as some 1,800 year old partially mummified Roman remains discovered at Pollington, East Riding (near Doncaster). The body was encased in Gypsum, a practice which the Romans learned and adopted from the Egyptians.

While at the museum Joann also selected several objects from Doncaster Council’s Roman collections for an exhibition she is guest curating at Experience Barnsley. Doncaster is lending Barnsley relics for its upcoming ‘The Romans are coming!’ exhibition.

Joan Fletcher said: ‘Egyptians came to Yorkshire 2,000 years ago and some of their practices such as mummification of bodies were practised by the Romans.

‘The canopic jar is a beautiful piece and it shows the diversity of Doncaster Museum’s fantastic collection.’

Councillor Bob Johnson, Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, said: ‘We were delighted to welcome Joann and pleased that she found so many items of interest within our collection.

‘Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery is free to enter and has something for everyone so make sure you make a trip over the summer holidays.’

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Joann Fletcher holds a 4000 year old Egyptian canopic jar next to a 1800 year old Roman burial, mummified in gypsum plaster. (254kb)  
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Title: 'Doncaster – Land of the Pharaohs?'   Category 'History'
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