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October, 2013

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Title:Yorkshire Company Beating The Recession Through Social Media
Author:Paxman Lanscapes 
ID & Publication:20131011028 ~ 
Subject:Advertising Feature 

Paxman Lanscapes will take centre stage at the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) Networking Seminar in Kent on 23 October 2013.? Justin Paxman (director) will deliver a speech to delegates on the renewed success of his commercial and domestic landscaping company, now resurgent after difficult times.

The business has bounced back in style after seeing sales drop by 33% in the year to February 2011. A decrease of that magnitude will always be detrimental to any businesses and Justin’s company was not alone in feeling the pinch as the recession bit. It was sink or swim time.
The choice facing the company was either to plough on as before, hope and risk sales diminishing further or reinvent the business model and come back fighting. Justin chose the latter.

Business overheads were cut by moving premises and making prudent staff redundancies. A revised sales forecast reflected the changes made. At the same time Justin was studying a Foundation Degree in Landscape and Garden Management at Askham Bryan College in York and it was there he recognised the importance that social media could play in future marketing activity.

A new look website was launched as a fresh marketing and sales strategy promoted the use of LinkedIn and Twitter as social media platforms to secure new commercial connections and a Facebook account promoted closer links with domestic customers. Paxman Landscapes was not using social media because everyone else seemed to be, it was used as a tool to effectively reach realistic and sustainable targets.

Thanks to the positive results engendered by the new marketing and sales strategy, for two consecutive financial years enquiries rose by 40% and sales increased by 15%.

A new network of connections were secured within the commercial market with activity on Linkedin proving pivotal in providing networking opportunities with building industry professionals.

Justin Paxman said, ‘It’s been an interesting and hugely rewarding last few years. Sometimes it takes a step back in your life to see where you need to go next. We have moved the business into the modern era and are starting to reap the rewards.

‘The staff at Paxaman Landscapes have worked very hard too,’ he continued. ‘We are all very proud of the high standard of service we offer our customers and I’m looking forward to where we can take the business over the next decade.’

Earlier this year Paxman Landscapes used LinkedIn to contact 50 professionals of which 10% positively responded. This created a link with industry professionals who the business had previously not spoken to and resulted in a raised profile and several large tenders secured.

Add to that the new Grass Greener product which was officially launched at the Harrogate Show in September 2013 and business is blooming.

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Author: 'Paxman Lanscapes'   Area: 'Huddersfield'
Title: 'Yorkshire Company Beating The Recession Through Social Media'   Category 'Advertising Feature'
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