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October, 2013

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Title:Brandon at the Brevon
Author:Doncaster College 
ID & Publication:20131011036 ~ 
Subject:Community News 
 Doncaster College (6kb)

Ex-Doncaster College student Brandon Lodge is displaying his artwork at a solo exhibition at the The Brevon Gallery in Doncaster.

The exhibition is entitled ‘Monochromacy’ and runs until the 24th November. It features Brandon’s immensely strong black and white illustrations and paintings of landscapes and cityscapes.

Brandon’s work is heavily influenced by Japanese Sumi-e, an East Asian brush painting technique that uses black ink. The ink is made from soot which results in an extremely solid and intense black pigment to paint with. He also has an empathy with the great English landscape painters like Turner and modern abstractionists like John Virtue.

Why black and white? ‘It’s much more dramatic and emotive and interpretive ‘ says Brandon,’
‘It satisfies my eyes.’

The twenty-two year old, who currently resides in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, has recently graduated from the University of Plymouth with a BA in Illustration and has already exhibited along with several of the country’s most talented newcomers at the influential Association of Illustrators Awards 2013 in London. He has also shown with big names such as Ralph Steadman and Peter Blake.

Brandon was at Doncaster College for two years doing an Art and Design Diploma before studying for his degree. He has fond memories of his time there and felt he was helped and encouraged by the tutors to think for himself, which certainly shows in the work he’s producing now.

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Brandon Lodge with his work at the Brevon Art Gallery, Doncaster (159kb)Brandon Lodge with his work at the Brevon Art Gallery, Doncaster (82kb) 
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Title: 'Brandon at the Brevon'   Category 'Community News'
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