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November, 2013

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Title:Dawn’s Translating Patterns on Show
Author:Doncaster College 
ID & Publication:20131111020 ~ 
Subject:Events (Local) 
 Doncaster College (6kb)

Dawn Howden, a multi-media visual artist and lecturer at Doncaster College, is displaying her artwork in a solo exhibition in the White Gallery at the University Centre Doncaster.

‘Translating Patterns’ is her first solo show and celebrates the mysterious and aesthetic patterns found within the natural world, through digital lenses and the human eye.
The exhibition, which is situated in the recently refurbished gallery in the historic Old Hall at University Centre Doncaster’s High Melton Campus, runs until the 1st December and is open weekdays between 10 am and 4 pm.

Over the last three years, Dawn has taken over 1000 images on her iphone, inspired by natural forms and landscapes in Armthorpe and around Doncaster where she often goes walking. Her work explores pattern, shape, line and colour in a variety of places, from sky-scenes to woodland areas.

Dawn said, ‘Being able to freely express how I feel through photography and digital artwork, using a creative approach, has been a positive experience that has helped me stay focused through challenging times.’

Although, the work is mainly manipulated digitally, Dawn also applies some traditional techniques such as painting in acrylic, watercolour and oil. Through this process Dawn discovers new patterns combining digital rendered and painterly outcomes. Each image then is carefully constructed, using digital effects to create surreal and fantastical worlds allowing her to escape from what she describes as being an ‘Unconventional Life’.

The exhibition features a video installation and can also be followed on Twitter under the hash tag #translatingpatterns.

Dawn’s exhibition is the latest to be held at the increasingly popular gallery, which has been open for a year. Ian Latham, Assistant Director Performing Arts and Media, at the College said, ‘The White Gallery is the culmination of three years’ work by staff at all levels throughout the College, students, lecturers, managers and the college executive have pulled together to create a space that will reflect the diversity and quality of work that we create here and also bring high level professional exhibitions for the students to learn from and for everyone to enjoy.’

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