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January, 2014

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Title:Keeping Your Dog Safe Is Snow Joke This Winter
Author:Dogs for the Blind 
ID & Publication:20140111035 ~ 

Wintry and freezing conditions are set to create more snow in Doncaster, which can cause havoc for dog owners. Charity Guide Dogs for the Blind, which helps people with visual impairment across the country, has outlined 10 top tips for keeping your dog safe in the wintry conditions.

  1.      Know where your dog is. If you leave your dog to run free for too long, you increase the risk of them falling through ice-covered ponds, or breaking bones through sliding on ice. Dogs can lose their sense of smell in the snow and become disorientated, so it’s important to make sure you know where they are.
  2.      Never free run your dog near water or icy ponds which may put you or your dog in danger in freezing conditions
  3.      Stay close to home. It’s important not to go on walks that are too long, in case your dog gets too cold. They might have thick coats, but dogs are still at risk of frostbite and hypothermia, especially on their ears and feet.
  4.      Some short-haired breeds, such as greyhounds and whippets, may benefit from a dog coat when the weather drops below freezing.
  5.      Watch where you’re walking! Ice and snow could hide dangerous objects that could hurt your dog’s feet.
  6.      Whistle your dog back to you on regular occasions so the dog always knows where you are.
  7.      Check their paws. The salt used to grit roads and pavements can be harmful to paws, if your dog is licking his paw’s try washing them off.
  8.      Take care of your dog. Consider buying a high-visibility jacket for your pet, so that they can be seen in the dim winter light. Make sure also to have a first-aid kit to hand in case your dog does get caught up in a scrape.
  9.      Take care of yourself! It is easy to overlook your own safety, but this is equally important in the icy conditions.
  10.      Keep yourself warm, and make sure you are wearing sturdy footwear, so that you can stay in control of your dog on the ice.

Matt Freeman, a volunteer for Guide Dogs for the Blind, said: ‘As the weather closes in at this time of year, it is vital for all dog owners to keep an eye on the health of their pet, so they can continue to safely enjoy spending time together. At Guide Dogs we know how important the companionship and help of a dog can be to people, as our work helps to provide over 4,000 visually impaired people with the independence they may otherwise lose.’

Guide Dogs receive no government funding and the lifetime cost of a Guide Dog is £50,000. To help support Guide Dogs for the Blind contact or 0845 372 7424 or visit

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Author: 'Dogs for the Blind'   Area: 'Doncaster'
Title: 'Keeping Your Dog Safe Is Snow Joke This Winter'   Category 'Charity'
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   January, 2013

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