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February, 2014

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Title:My Guide launches in Doncaster
Author:Dogs for the Blind 
ID & Publication:20140211037 ~ 
Area:Tickhill & Bawtry 
 Royal National Institute of the Blind (4kb)

A man from Tickhill is appealing for people in Doncaster to get involved in a new sighted guiding service set up by Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Martin Allen, who is blind, is hoping a My Guide volunteer might help him regain some of his independence and confidence by assisting him with getting out and about more.

After being diagnosed with sight loss 40 years ago Martin became withdrawn but since hearing about the My Guide scheme it has given him hope that he might be able to have more freedom.

Martin, 63, said: ‘This scheme could be the perfect solution to me getting out of the house and having a bit of a social life. Since I was diagnosed with sight loss 40 years ago I have been in denial and have slowly become isolated, however, I would like this to change and am hoping that someone will sign up to become a volunteer to help me and other people with vision loss.

‘I moved to Tickhill two years ago and would like to become more familiar with the area. It has a great community and easy to access shops but at the moment without a guide I’m unable to take advantage of these. I’d love to be able to go to a pub quiz on a regular basis or visit the supermarket to do a weekly shop.’

Guide Dogs for the Blind are launching the My Guide service in Doncaster in March. A My Guide volunteer guides a person who is blind or partially sighted so that they can reach their mobility goals - these could be things like being able to go to the gym, joining a local coffee group or just walking in the local park.

As part of the launch they are holding an event at Priory Place Methodist Church in Doncaster on Friday 7 March. The event features an opportunity to experience sighted guiding from 11am and a chance to find out more information about the scheme at an information event at 1pm.

People who are interested in volunteering or who are blind or partially sighted and would like to sign up to the scheme are welcome at the event, along with community groups and organisations who would like to find out more.

If you are interested in attending or would like to receive some information please contact Paula Richmond or Rachel Dye at Guide Dogs on 0845 372 7424 or by email at

Alternatively for more details on the My Guide service please visit

If you would like to comment on this or any article e-mail ~
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Martin Allen from Tickhill is appealing for people to get involved in a new Guide Dogs for the Blind sighted guiding service  (143kb)  
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Author: 'Dogs for the Blind'   Area: 'Tickhill & Bawtry'
Title: 'My Guide launches in Doncaster'   Category 'Charity'
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