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Visited: 01 April 2014 ~ 00:19UKUK
Can anyone tell me, is there still ballroom dancing at the Lonsdale Hotel On a Saturday nights?

Visited: 12 March 2014 ~ 16:19UKUK
Shelley, Roy Barker, are you still with us ? Love to hear from you.

Visited: 09 March 2014 ~ 07:33UKUK
The Guestbook is back online ... okay so its taken me over 7 years ... but I ve been busy :). Lets see how it goes and I ll try and improve it (like the rest of the site ... it ll take another 7 years!)

Visited: 24 December 2006 ~ 13:15CANADAUK
I would just like to wish all of my villager family........Happy Holidays, I wish you Joy in your heart, Peace in your world, and good health in your home, also please God let every child go to bed with a smile on their face and not be hungry this Christmas.....for they are our future......Thank you Scott for a great web-page....regards Shelley

Visited: 24 December 2006 ~ 11:15CANADAUK
I would like to send Seasons Greeting to all the folk who contribute to the-Village site, as I count them as very close friends even though we have never met... May we all look forward to a better year ahead. Best of Health & Happiness to all, and a big thank-you to [the editor] for affording me this opportunity to be in contact with some very interesting people.

Visited: 21 November 2006 ~ 16:46UKUK
For Frank Thomas: Sorry Frank no news of George Nye – Sadly my brother in law passed away recently - Douglas Ferris of Intake – He his sadly missed – by all that new him. Douglas had served in the RAF during the war – in Africa. Was born in Aberdeen Scotland and was married to Margerite Barker my sister. He died a few days before their 60th Wedding Anniversary

Visited: 19 November 2006 ~ 00:25CANADAUK
Frank Hart, thank you for your thoughts and I am sorry about your friend Olive....Cyril tells me that you have been on holidays 3-times since leaving our shores, hope you had a good time. Frank Thomas I would also like to thank you for your good thoughts......Pete and I have decided that life is too short......for some people, so we are going to Mexico on the 8th December for a week...just to sit on a beach and relax in the sun....before the snow comes here, of course I had to do my Christmas cards and Christmas shopping early....We have a busy year next year my eldest son Gary (34) got engaged in Aruba in May (there is a God after all) she is a sweetheart of a girl whom I love dearly, I am truly blessed as both my daughter-in-laws are Angels, so they are palnning a wedding September, also Pete and I celebrate our 40th Wedding anniversary, September 30th So he has said we are going somewhere special......don t know where yet......but Barbados and Portugal are very high on my list.....if anyone out there can give some information on Portugal...looking at a week in Lisbon then a week in the Algarve I would appreciate that. Barbados is like any other Caribbean Island......been to one, been to them all, just that we haven t been to that island before. This year has been a topsy, turvey year for us.....but many families through the world go through the same thing......It just makes us value our time together more...... sod planning for our retirement, just live life to the fullest, which Pete and I have always done, it has been a fantastic ride for me personally....wouldn t have missed it for the world. The Villager Family is another blessing.....Thank you all for your thoughts through out the year.....Gosh... how lucky can one person get!!!!! Regards Shelley

Visited: 18 November 2006 ~ 22:26UKUK
Hi Frank Thomas nice to see you back on expect you have heard of all changes thats happning round the town .The racecourse looks like it will not be long before its finished all the stands have been knocked down it looks strange at the moment but thats progress

Visited: 17 November 2006 ~ 20:32UKUK
Hello to all you genuine villagers, just got back from 5 weeks in Spain, quite a change in the weather. Brrrrrr! Sorry to hear your sad news Shelley. How,s Roy Barker these days, have you met up with George Nye of late? Would like to hear from any OLD Intakers Regards Frank

Visited: 07 November 2006 ~ 23:48UKUK
Hi there everyone, my thoughts to Shelley and family on their sad loss. You know Shelley a week after we got back from our visit to Canada, our friend Olive, who we had visited sadly died, but we had the privilege of seeing her whilst we were there. Any how I d like to say Happy Birthday to my big brother Cyril on his birthday today 7. 11. 06. have a really nice birthday. I would have put a few dollars in your card but I d already sealed the envelope,(a true Yorkshireman) Take care everyone and have a nice Christmas and a happy and peaceful 2007. God bless. from Frank & Eileen
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